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Korean American Coalition’s Statement Against Voter Suppression and Postal Service Cuts

Los Angeles – As a nonpartisan advocate for civil and civic rights, the Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KACLA) has long been committed to increasing civic awareness and the general social consciousness of the Korean American community. With the recent voter irregularities in the 2020 March elections and Postal Service cuts, we issue a statement against any and every act of voter suppression that threaten the very integrity of our democratic system.

The Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KACLA) operates as the longest running civic participation organization program in the Korean American community dedicated to advocating for free and robust voting. However, recent events not only threaten the US Postal Service’s ability to process the anticipated surge of mail-in ballots but also increase voter confusion for the November 2020 elections. Without proper funding and support for accurate information, the Post Office’s ability to deliver mail-in ballots remains in grave jeopardy.

The right to vote is the key to democracy and without it, Americans lose their fundamental right to influence our democratic system. As one of the most trusted government agencies, the US Postal Service was established to provide prompt, reliable and universal postal services for the American people including sending vote-by-mail. US Postal Service provides a public service that guarantees postal services to all 330 million Americans unlike third party, for-profit mail services.  The US Postal Service must protect and ensure the safest and most accessible way to vote as millions of American voters working long hours, those with disabilities, and those with pre-existing conditions will solely depend on voting-by-mail to cast their votes. 

However, recent events threaten the US Postal Service’s ability to deliver the anticipated surge of mail-in ballots. Contrary to the recent unsubstantiated claims about high voter fraud claims, there is no credible evidence suggesting that voting-by-mail results in election fraud. On August 21, 2020, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy confirmed that voting by mail is safe and secure. Extensive research reveals that voter fraud is very rare and KAC condemns repeated, false allegations of fraud that make it harder for millions of eligible voters to participate in elections.  
Among other things, the US Postal Service faces a budget shortfall of 160 billion dollars.  In order for the Postal Service to fulfill its responsibility to deliver American votes safely, the Postal Service must be adequately funded. Securing America’s ability to vote by mail is not a bipartisan issue but a way to protect our fundamental right to vote transcending political lines. 

As a result, KAC strongly encourages our community members to contact your federal elected legislators and urge them to support renewed funding for the US Postal Service. Also, we can stay informed and engaged by:

Every single vote counts and your vote matters. We call upon every eligible voter in our community to participate and vote during this critical election cycle.