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KAC's Community Educational Video: Hate Crime/Incident Report 101

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Asian community has been scapegoated and targeted with hate crimes and hate incidents. In lieu of the rise in targeted attacks and harassment, it is now more important than ever to be informed and educated in the event that this happens to you, your friends or your loved ones.
KAC created in-language community educational videos about addressing hate crime/incidents and how to report and continues to host bystander intervention training in Korean in order to inform and educate the community of what hate crimes are, how to report them and how we can protect each other and keep our community safer. All these questions and more are answered by KAC’s two guests: the Deputy District Attorney of LA County and LAPD Officer Orlando Martinez.
Learn what you can do as you watch the two videos and also visit the KAC YouTube Channel to get the information you need. 
Stand together against hate. 

Interview with Deputy District Attorney | LA County

Interview with LAPD Officer Orlando Martinez | LAPD