One of KAC’s legacy programs within our leadership development is National College Leadership Conference (NCLC). With a history of over 40 years, it is the longest running annual leadership conference for Korean American college students and recent college graduates in the U.S. It aims to promote Korean American community awareness; an understanding about cultural identity and minority race relations; and, passion for community as well as civic leadership.

​For a week, the conference hosts Korean American students across the nation. Students participate in panel sessions, workshops, and mentorship exercises with invited community leaders, elected officials, distinguished media leaders, and management experts. In designing a truly unique experience with a life-long impact, the conference incorporates the following structures:

  • A culture of mentorship, providing a psychologically safe space for students to spend quality time with speakers
  • Individualized attention for each student, delivering a “learning by doing” experience with sessions of reflections, projects, assignments, and relationship building with renowned speakers
  • Development of professional skills (e.g., resume building; job interviewing; branding building via social media; and, conflict resolution skills) as well as mental wellbeing

2024 National College Leadership Conference (NCLC), takes place from June 17-21, 2024 at Pepperdine University. NCLC has an established tradition of bringing together young leaders and connecting them with exclusive opportunities to cultivate leadership skills, learning about their Korean American identity, the importance of civic engagement and giving back to the community while building meaningful relationships with talented peers, accomplished guest speakers, and dedicated counselors.

We are looking forward to meeting the next future leaders in the
Korean American Community!

NCLC is an opportunity for college students to gain a unique 1-week long leadership training from industry leaders, learn essential skills to assist them in their future professions, meet established professionals in their field of interest, and find mentorship opportunities.

We are excited to announce we’ve received new funding to provide more scholarships for students of need. The process is easy as 1,2.3…

1) Complete Online Application 

2) Submit application materials by email to programs@kacla.org

3) We will contact you to schedule a virtual interview

Application Materials

Gather the following application materials to submit to programs@kacla.org. All application material must be submitted as pdf. files titled with your Full Name (First, Middle, Last), Graduation Year XXXX, and application material type (Essay Statement, Resume, etc…)

  1. Statement: The National College Leadership Conference is an opportunity for young Korean Americans to meet established professionals in their field of interest, learn essential leadership skills, and connect with other bright, ambitious Korean American students from colleges across the nation. What can YOU contribute to the 2024 NCLC cohort? In discussing, please provide us with specific examples from past leadership experiences, hardships, successes, or your involvement with the Korean American community. (Max 500 characters)

  2. All Transcripts: Digital Copy Only

  3. Resume

  4. Provide 2 References and their contact information

    • Acceptable references include, but are not limited to, teachers, professors, employers, and church leaders.

      This is NOT a letter of recommendation; KAC will contact the provided references as we see fit.

    • References should be listed on resume.

Those who successfully passed the first stage of the application process will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Application Material Submission Instructions

All Required application material as a zip. compressed file with your Full Name (First, Middle, Last) and Graduation Year XXXX Or email us at programs@kacla.org to submit your materials.

For more information, please check out our website at kacla.org or please email programs@kacla.org.