Guhn Hur

Hometown, Pasadena, CA
Success has always been something that I have internally wrestled to define. As an Asian American and more specifically, Korean American, I had felt a constant pressure to excel in everything that I did and meet the expectations that had been set upon me by my parents and community. However, through my week at NCLC and hearing the speakers share about their lives and how they have individually defined their own success, I felt so empowered as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. From teachers to investment bankers, I witnessed the same resilience and compassion that each speaker shared which encouraged me to find fulfillment in whatever I want to do as long as I did it with a passion. ​ Meeting other young Korean Americans who are motivated to push for change within our communities filled me with such hope and a sense of ease knowing that the future is in good hands. We were able to share our pains and imperfections as individuals as well as a collective community and I found this vulnerability to be a reflection of our attitudes to embrace our Korean history which has been full of trauma and recognize that united, we are stronger. Many of us had similar stories and experiences and for us to have a space where we were able to reaffirm one another showed me what it meant to be a leader and more importantly, a listener. ​ NCLC was an eye-opening experience and I know that I have made some lifelong connections through this conference. Thank you to all the counselors for your hard work and I truly hope NCLC continues to cultivate a bright and driven future, Korean-American leaders, for our community.